The condensate drain’s job is to collect the moisture that your air conditioner removes as it cools and removes the humidity from the air. Similar to other parts of your air conditioner system, the condensate drain can experience issues and may require some repair to your air conditioner unit.

Water Damage from an air conditioner unit

Water Damage from an un-serviced condensate tray and pipe.

Why is the Condensate Drain Important?

The air conditioner has to drain the excess water it pulls from the air. This process is done through the condensate drain.

The condensate tray is located on your indoor unit. It drains into a pipe that runs outside. If there is an issue the the pipe or the tray it could cause water damage that could destroy your home.

Clogged drains on the indoor unit can also cause issues that lead to water damage.

How do you prevent these issues?

Regular service to your unit by a trained professional, like Kirk Electric heat and air, can inspect your unit.

During an inspection of your air conditioner unit the professional will look at the condensate drain and the pipe that removes the moisture collected from the system, as well as other parts of your unit.

Are you seeing leaks now?

If you are already seeing leaks from your system, call someone right away!!

Water damage is a serious issue, especially if your unit is located in your attic.

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